11 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From ‘Casablanca’


In a post on ScriptShadows.net, screenwriting lessons to be learned from classic film ‘Casablanca’ were explained.

These 11 lessons from this successful film ‘Casablanca’ can be helpful to any screenwriter.

1) Combine scenes whenever possible.
2) Use a clever exchange/sparring to hide backstory and/or exposition.
3) For good dialogue, make sure each character has a set of clearly defined opinions about the world/life.
4) When placing a bunch of characters together, make sure that every single character has an angle.
5) Whatever your character’s flaw is, make sure you write a scene that shows that flaw as a choice.
6) Stating one’s flaw out loud is no longer in vogue.
7) Be “disagreeable” in your dialogue as much as you can.
8) Never underestimate the power of sarcasm during dialogue. It almost always makes the dialogue more fun.
9) Add extra people to your dialogue scenes.
10) Make the “other man” tough to leave, as opposed to easy.
11) Unless the boyfriend/husband is also the villain.

You can find out the in-depth explanations in the post online.

These are certainly tips and lessons that I will be drawing from in my screenwriting. Any lesson is a valuable one, and these are especially valuable. It is a good habit to look at a success in your line of work, such as ‘Casablanca’ in screenwriting, and learn from it.

I look forward to using these tips to strengthen my screenwriting, and I hope all other aspiring screenwriters can grow from these lessons as well.


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