Writers Guild of Canada Honors its Own

According to an articleWriters guild of canada by the Chicago Tribune, the Writers Guild of Canada held their 17th Screenwriting Awards in Toronto on Monday April 22, 2013, and seven awards for screenwriting were distributed.

CTV series ‘L.A. Complex’ screenwriter and executive producer Martin Gero received the TV Drama honor for the first episode even though the show was cancelled.

HBO Canada series ‘Less Than Kind’ screenwriter Kim Coghill was awarded a TV Comedy honor.

CBC aired movie ‘The Phantoms’ screenwriter Andrew Wreggitt won the Movies and Miniseries honor.

TVO commission ‘A Sorry State’ screenwriter Mitch Miyagawa received the Documentary honor.

YTV series ‘Sidekick’ screenwriters Dan Williams and Lienne Sawatsky won the Animation honor.

YouTube’s digital series ‘Ruby Skye PI’ screenwriters Julie Strassman-Cohn and Jill Golick received the Shorts and Webseries honor.

YTV series ‘How to Be Indie’ screenwriters May and Suzanne Bolch were awarded the Children and Youth honor.

Three special awards were also distributed this year.

Popular Canadian police drama series ‘Flashpoint’ co-creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern won the Showrunner Award.

‘Wild Medicine’ writer Adam Garnet Jones won the Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize
The Writers Block Award was presented to screenwriters Anne-Marie Perrotta, Simon Racioppa, and Lienne Sawatsky.

It is always nice to see brilliant screenwriters receive recognition and honors.


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