Iron Man 3, Shane Black & Screenwriting Techniques

Iron Man 3

In an article on, readers can listen to a podcast with helpful screenwriting advice and techniques by Shane Black.

This is a very useful tool for aspiring screenwriters, and I definitely took notes. Make sure to check it out!


11 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From ‘Casablanca’


In a post on, screenwriting lessons to be learned from classic film ‘Casablanca’ were explained.

These 11 lessons from this successful film ‘Casablanca’ can be helpful to any screenwriter.

1) Combine scenes whenever possible.
2) Use a clever exchange/sparring to hide backstory and/or exposition.
3) For good dialogue, make sure each character has a set of clearly defined opinions about the world/life.
4) When placing a bunch of characters together, make sure that every single character has an angle.
5) Whatever your character’s flaw is, make sure you write a scene that shows that flaw as a choice.
6) Stating one’s flaw out loud is no longer in vogue.
7) Be “disagreeable” in your dialogue as much as you can.
8) Never underestimate the power of sarcasm during dialogue. It almost always makes the dialogue more fun.
9) Add extra people to your dialogue scenes.
10) Make the “other man” tough to leave, as opposed to easy.
11) Unless the boyfriend/husband is also the villain.

You can find out the in-depth explanations in the post online.

These are certainly tips and lessons that I will be drawing from in my screenwriting. Any lesson is a valuable one, and these are especially valuable. It is a good habit to look at a success in your line of work, such as ‘Casablanca’ in screenwriting, and learn from it.

I look forward to using these tips to strengthen my screenwriting, and I hope all other aspiring screenwriters can grow from these lessons as well.

Writers Guild of Canada Honors its Own

According to an articleWriters guild of canada by the Chicago Tribune, the Writers Guild of Canada held their 17th Screenwriting Awards in Toronto on Monday April 22, 2013, and seven awards for screenwriting were distributed.

CTV series ‘L.A. Complex’ screenwriter and executive producer Martin Gero received the TV Drama honor for the first episode even though the show was cancelled.

HBO Canada series ‘Less Than Kind’ screenwriter Kim Coghill was awarded a TV Comedy honor.

CBC aired movie ‘The Phantoms’ screenwriter Andrew Wreggitt won the Movies and Miniseries honor.

TVO commission ‘A Sorry State’ screenwriter Mitch Miyagawa received the Documentary honor.

YTV series ‘Sidekick’ screenwriters Dan Williams and Lienne Sawatsky won the Animation honor.

YouTube’s digital series ‘Ruby Skye PI’ screenwriters Julie Strassman-Cohn and Jill Golick received the Shorts and Webseries honor.

YTV series ‘How to Be Indie’ screenwriters May and Suzanne Bolch were awarded the Children and Youth honor.

Three special awards were also distributed this year.

Popular Canadian police drama series ‘Flashpoint’ co-creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern won the Showrunner Award.

‘Wild Medicine’ writer Adam Garnet Jones won the Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize
The Writers Block Award was presented to screenwriters Anne-Marie Perrotta, Simon Racioppa, and Lienne Sawatsky.

It is always nice to see brilliant screenwriters receive recognition and honors.

‘Dexter’ Screenwriter Scott Reynolds Inspires Graduates to Chase Dreams

Dexter Scott ReynoldsAccording to an article on, ‘Dexter’ screenwriter Scott Reynolds, 1995 Eastern Michigan University alumni, spoke at the school’s graduation ceremony Sunday April 28, 2013.

Reynolds shared stories about his path to success with the graduates. He graduated from EMU with a degree in English Literature and Theater and a minor in Film Studies. He then moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. It took several years before he got a break by working for “Touched by an Angel” doing menial jobs. He continued to do different assistant jobs until he got his big break as a writer’s assistant for “Dexter.” He made sure to keep up his hard work and writing, until he wrote his own script in the show’s second season and became a part of the writing staff.

Reynolds’s story and determination was inspiring. He gave hope and words of wisdom to the graduates of EMU. Reynolds said,

It was a long hard road, but (screenwriting) was and is what I’ve always wanted to do,” Scott Reynolds said during the morning commencement ceremony. “And that’s what you want to say about your life, right? Achieving your dream? Not just living for the weekend. Getting the desires of your heart.”

Stories like Reynolds’s and many other screenwriters just go to show that people just need to keep putting themselves out there and working hard to catch a break. His story can not only inspire the graduates he spoke to, but also anyone else who reads or knows about it.

This is inspiring to ambitious screenwriters like me, because in this instance I have a role model who did absolutely everything and got to where he dreamed. Aspiring screenwriters need to keep up the hard work and keep writing and everything else can fall into place with their efforts.

Hollywood Producer Gary Goldstein to Use Kickstarter for New Book

Gary Goldstein producerAccording to an article by Film Industry Network, Gary Goldstein, a successful Hollywood producer known for ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Under Siege,’ is ready to share some success secrets in a new book. He plans to use Kickstarter for fundraising and earned over $5,000 in a few days. He will self-publish the book. He will also be doing personal coaching and helping scriptwriters improve their work. Goldstein has released a lot of information about the book on his Kickstarter page:

“I’ve just finished writing the book about how you can transform your talent into a vibrant career in Hollywood as a screenwriter. I don’t focus on teaching how to write a screenplay. Instead, my book is a blueprint that reveals how to build a successful career by having a detailed game plan, knowing the exact action steps to take to get your projects and career moving forward in Hollywood. The book is a precise roadmap and a simple plan that anybody can follow and duplicate the sort of results and success I’ve been able to enjoy. A trusted circle of successful friends in Hollywood read the manuscript and their feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and I’m humbled by their reviews.”

This book seems to be a hopeful guide for any aspiring screenwriters. The book should be published and released fairly shortly. All that Goldstein is waiting for is a $12,000 pledge goal and he is almost halfway there. This book will most likely be a must-have tool for any screenwriter. I most certainly am looking forward to the release of Goldstein’s book. Anyone interested in following this timeline and story can check out the Kickstarter page.


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