Hollywood Producer Gary Goldstein to Use Kickstarter for New Book

Gary Goldstein producerAccording to an article by Film Industry Network, Gary Goldstein, a successful Hollywood producer known for ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Under Siege,’ is ready to share some success secrets in a new book. He plans to use Kickstarter for fundraising and earned over $5,000 in a few days. He will self-publish the book. He will also be doing personal coaching and helping scriptwriters improve their work. Goldstein has released a lot of information about the book on his Kickstarter page:

“I’ve just finished writing the book about how you can transform your talent into a vibrant career in Hollywood as a screenwriter. I don’t focus on teaching how to write a screenplay. Instead, my book is a blueprint that reveals how to build a successful career by having a detailed game plan, knowing the exact action steps to take to get your projects and career moving forward in Hollywood. The book is a precise roadmap and a simple plan that anybody can follow and duplicate the sort of results and success I’ve been able to enjoy. A trusted circle of successful friends in Hollywood read the manuscript and their feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and I’m humbled by their reviews.”

This book seems to be a hopeful guide for any aspiring screenwriters. The book should be published and released fairly shortly. All that Goldstein is waiting for is a $12,000 pledge goal and he is almost halfway there. This book will most likely be a must-have tool for any screenwriter. I most certainly am looking forward to the release of Goldstein’s book. Anyone interested in following this timeline and story can check out the Kickstarter page.